The community that brought cuckold fetish lovers together before it was mainstream

During the 1990s, the popularity of swing, swinger clubs and everything connected with it began to increase. If in the past someone might have thought that swingers are all age couples, bored in family life and looking for unbridled entertainment, now this is not at all the case. Cuckold is a fetish that is also definitely associated with married couples. But in reality, this is a completely different direction. Interracial cuckold has its offshoots and various fetishes.

Interracial cuckolding: directions and historical aspect of lifestyle

For most people, interracial sex is black to white, no doubt about the skin colors of two different races.

As the popularity of interracial cuckolding has increased in recent decades, the porn industry has begun to adapt to this new trend, and porn sites have been actively replenished with porn in this genre. In short, cuckold has two sides:

  • in the first case, the wife has sex on the side with whomever she wants, and then tells her husband, provides a photo or video so that the husband gets pleasure from it;
  • in the second, which also has its own internal currents, the husband actively participates in the organization and process of his wife’s sex with a black man, enjoying it.

Some people may say that much in the modern world is immoral and blame the Internet and permissiveness for everything, but if you dig deeper, then there was a cuckold before. It is enough to look into books on history and art, and find paintings by William Etty «Candaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, as She Goes to Bed» and Jean-Leon Gerome «King Kandavl». By the way, it was by the name of this king, who lived in the 8th century BC, that one of the currents of cuckold is called candaulism.

Scientists are still wrestling with the growing popularity of cuckolding and interracial cuckolding in particular. You can find many explanations on the Internet. But in any case, each of them will relate to the fact that people at all times have breaked and will break various taboos.

Interracial site and forum: your freedom of expression

A modern person has a great opportunity to find any platform for self-expression and communication with people of similar interests. If it concerns such intimate issues as interracial cuckolding, then a community with a forum with a really many users will help to understand oneself and find answers to questions. A community of people living the cuckold lifestyle share their stories, experiences, their amateur porn, meet and chat. Agree, it’s nice to be able to express your desires and position in a place where you will be understood!

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