4 of 2022’s Top Toys for Ladies

When it comes to connecting with your partner, the biggest thing to remember is to take the time to spend with them, doing things that make you both feel good. 

There’s no need for elaborate dates or expensive gifts, as long as you can dedicate your attention and love to them.

Make Your Partner Feel Loved And Appreciated In The Bedroom 

No matter if it’s saying “I love you” multiple times throughout the day, or giving them a hug and kiss goodbye in the morning, take some time every day to let your partner know how much they mean to you. 

When it comes to spending intimate time with your partner, making each other feel good is a top priority. 

With this in mind, check out these top toys for ladies from Wet For Her, the perfect place to shop for toys for women, whether you’re in a queer relationship, straight, lesbian, or you’re having some solo time to connect with you.

Rockher™ Mini Scissoring Vibrator – Remote Control 

Take your bedroom activities to a new level with the Rockher Mini scissoring vibrator. 

This little toy is a perfect mix of form and function that with help couples with clitorises reach orgasm in one of the best positions possible. 

Fair warning, though, this toy does earn the Rockher title!

Boxer Brief Strap-on & Packer Harness 

If you’ve ever worn a strap-on harness and felt completely turned off by the experience, you’re not alone! 

For most harnesses, there is nothing remotely sexy about the experience, but these boxer briefs take comfort to another level. 

With soft material suitable to be worn as underwear, they are easily converted to hold in place a wide range of single and double dildos. 

Double the options, double the fun!

Shagger – Dildo Base Cover To Share Pleasure 

When it comes to pleasure, we all know that sharing is caring, right? 

That’s exactly what you’ll get with this ocean-inspired dildo base cover, designed by lesbians to enhance pleasure and stimulate anyone with female anatomy. 

This one is a really popular toy for couples and is made out of soft medical-grade silicone that is easily washable and provides wave after wave of safe pleasure for you and your partner!

Limited Edition – Pride Fusion Base Strap-on Dildo 

There is no better way to celebrate pride than with this fantastic 5.5-inch dildo decorated in pride and inclusion colors. 

Made for anyone who enjoys using dildos, with themselves or with a partner (or partners!), this is one of the brightest toys on this list, proving that not all sex toys have to be plain and boring! 

One of the best things about this particular dildo is that it’s ergonomically designed and non-realistic for those times when you want a toy to enjoy but don’t want it to look realistic. There is also a patented base for the wearer to enjoy clitoral stimulation at the same time. 

This truly is an inclusive toy for everyone to enjoy!

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