2 Best face to face Sex Positions

Bonding between you and your partner is the most important part that is linked with physical pleasure and enhances the time of intercourse as well.

Now the experts are also agreed that couples who are emotionally connected with each other enjoy sex more than others.

Moreover, sex positions are also prominent and if the bonding is stronger you can experiment with many intimate things with each other and talk about little private things that you often ignore.

If you are looking for particular sex positions that keep you close to your partner or we can say the best face to face sex positions, here we are listing briefly At  Divas Escort Agency :-

Face to Face

This position will make you both closer to each other and while looking at your partner you can feel him or her properly and look into the eye’s lips forehead and the whole face.

How to do:

Stand in front of each other and come close so the bum area feels like hugging each other tightly and the chest area is also touching you with a strong grip.

Lift one leg and place on the partner so penetrating can be easy for both and now you can start the whole thing including foreplay.

You can also use a chair and one of your partner’s sit on the chair and the other on the lap. Use a chair with no arms and spread your legs so your partner can fit properly and hold each other tightl for More Click Here .

This is also a popular sex face to face position for arousing and feeling an orgasm.

Lotus Position

Lotus face to face position is also popular among couples and provides great satisfaction and pleasure to both partners.

How to do:

The male partner will sit on a hard surface or a sofa or mat would be fine and cross his legs. Now invite your partner to sit on your lap and spread and wrap the legs on his waist and hold him with your hands tightly and make yourself comfortable.

You can feel the hot warm feeling while hugging your partner tightly. You are not only enjoying intercourse but also can notice each other expression. You are wrapped around your love and the whole scene making a lotus view that’s why named it lotus position.

Trust me after performing this face to face position you will always include this in your routine.

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