Sex With a Realistic Sex Doll How Does It Feel

So you want to get your hands on an adult sex doll? Or maybe you’re simply thinking about it and want to know how it might feel? There’s no need to be embarrassed—sex dolls have become popular worldwide.

After all, why wouldn’t they? An adult sex doll is always available, can look incredible, and will never let you down, no matter how difficult things get. “But how does she feel?” you may wonder, or, more particularly, “How does it feel to have sex with a sex doll?” That’s a great question, and we’ll gladly address it now.

Realistic Sex Dolls: Common Myths

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of negative things about adult sex dolls by now. The following are some of the most typical claims made by sex doll critics:

  • Adult sex dolls only appear attractive in photographs. They’re downright disturbing in real life.
  • They are as frigid as dead bodies.
  • Getting one is a terrible investment because they break down quickly.
  • Sex with an adult sex doll is tedious.

While those claims may have some merit, they only apply to the lowest models. High-end sex dolls will be soft where you want them and hard where you need them, as well as stunningly attractive. Furthermore, a silicone or TPE love doll will stay warm for a long time, so stroking her will feel just as amazing as squeezing your favourite pornstar if you take certain precautions.

In terms of these measures, you can significantly enhance your experience with an adult sex doll if you:

  • Use a lot of lubrication, both for your enjoyment and keep the sex doll from chafing.
  • Use a warming blanket or a USB vaginal warmer to warm up the sex doll. A love doll made of silicone or TPE is very effective at holding heat.
  • Use her only for oral sex if she was built mainly for it. There will be more to come on the subject later.
  • If you don’t plan on using her again very soon, make sure you clean her carefully after each usage.

Intimacy With A Sex Doll

Besides the smooth skin texture, high-end sex dolls will feel identical to humans. They were based initially on real ladies (sometimes actual pornstars) and then enhanced to make them even more appealing. This regulation applies to their features, breasts, asses, and even the unique forms of their vaginal and anus organs. Flat chested sex dolls are also available if desired.

An adult sex doll’s face is stunning, and her lips are seductive and velvety. When you kiss her, her mouth will separate and open completely, allowing you to kiss her. You’ll be able to feel her tongue and teeth as well. A kiss will appear so genuine that if you can take your gaze away from her long enough to close your eyes, you’ll forget she’s a doll.

In most circumstances, you’ll want to avoid oral sex with an adult sex doll’s mouth. Using a lot of lubrication and heating the doll up will assist, but she won’t produce suction or perform any work for you. You’d be better off getting a different—and far cheaper—masturbation tool if you desire oral sex-like sensations. Furthermore, rougher oral sex may hurt the adult sex doll and destroy her beauty, depending on the model.

Intercourse With A Sex Doll

The vagina of an adult sex doll gets modelled after the vagina of a real woman. It’s soft, supple, and anatomically perfect, and it’ll fit you perfectly. Remember that a sex doll’s primary goal is your enjoyment; thus, the doll’s vagina will stretch if you’re a bigger size. If you’re a little smaller, she’ll keep her tightness as long as you don’t share her (which you shouldn’t anyhow).

Yes, a sex doll’s vagina will be cold to begin with, but you can quickly compensate for this. Get a USB vaginal warmer and place it in her a few minutes before your private time. Even if you don’t, the heat from your body will quickly transfer to her. Even while having sex with a love doll, patience is a virtue.

It would help if you always kept in mind that you’re using lots of lubrication. A high-end sex doll is robust and can take a pounding, but going in dry won’t help her maintain her tightness and integrity. Designers meticulously craft the vagina of your sex doll, So if you treat it well, it will return the favour.

Sex Dolls Won’t Mind Anal Sex.

A high-quality adult sex doll has a goddess’ ass. Wouldn’t it be a huge waste if it wasn’t put to use? You can slap her as much as you want, and her ass cheeks will jiggle like they’re genuine. Most importantly, she won’t protest if you take a bit away and spank her too hard.

When you’re ready, you’ll be relieved to learn that a love doll’s anus is just as functional and anatomically precise as her vagina. You can have her any way you want if you lube it up nicely. It’ll feel fantastic, and it’ll be a world apart from utilising her front. As a reminder, nothing is keeping you from warming her up using a vaginal warmer on her anus.


Of course, everything we’ve discussed so far only (or mainly) pertains to high-end sex dolls. You get as much as you’re willing to invest, just as in real-life relationships. If you buy a blow-up sex doll, you will receive a blow-up doll. However, if you invest in a great adult sex doll, you will have a pleasure partner for a very long time.

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