Predictions for Sex Dolls in 2022

Technology, societal concerns, current events, and changing views about sex all have an influence on the silicone sex doll market. It’s no wonder that this sector is rapidly evolving and growing. So, what’s in store for the next year or so? Continue reading. We’ll go into detail on what you’ll see more of and less of in 2022.

LGBTQ & Sex Dolls

We’re delighted to be a part of an industry that has always been tolerant, sex-positive, and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, ace, or aro, you are welcome in the space. We believe that the coming year will substantiate this belief. Keep an eye out for:

  • More silicone sex doll marketing geared towards trans people.
  • Availability of Gender nonconforming silicone sex dolls.
  • Fantasy dolls aimed at the LGBTQ+ community

For many people, having a sex doll allows them to be their authentic selves and experience sexuality in the way they want. We believe it is past time for the industry to emphasise this community more than ever before.

Sex Dolls: As A Service

Are you on the fence about getting your sex doll? There are certainly other options. We at BBdoll work with: In addition to providing sex dolls to our beautiful consumers, we also work with:

  • Movie Studios
  • Artists
  • Sex Doll Brothels
  • Rental Companies

We predict that interest in sex dolls will continue to grow in the coming year. As a result, more sex doll rentals and sex dolls will get used in the entertainment business.

Increased Connectivity

Sex dolls have already advanced to the next level. We anticipate that technology will continue to progress in the coming year. Apps, native learning, sensor technology, and even materials science will combine to produce unrivalled sex doll experiences in the not-too-distant future. These can also get used in conjunction with current home electronics.

Just think about it. You’ve had a long day at the workplace and want to get some lusty energy out when you get home. As a result, you open an app on your smartphone. You’ve lowered the lights at home and switched on some romantic music with just a few touches. Not only that but there’s more! You’ve also linked to your bright sex doll and activated the vaginal warmer on your beauty. When you get home, you get greeted by a romantic situation.

That’s not all, though. Once you’ve arrived at your place, technology can help you have an even better time. If you speak to your doll in a sensual tone, she will hear you. She reacts appropriately. Listen to her groan as you touch her, stroke her, and stroke her. Keep an eye on how her hips react to you. Turn on an adult film made just for your sex doll, and she replies as well. Finally, the major event has arrived. You know this isn’t your typical doll. During oral sex, she responds by sucking and moving her hips genuinely during intercourse.

Do these things seem far-fetched futuristic? They don’t have to. Many of these technologies have previously been developed. Others are only a short distance away.

Silicone Dolls Become (More) Popular

‘Dummy,’ a new show on Quibi starring Anna Kendrick, is about a comedian’s connection with his sex doll. Kendrick’s popularity will undoubtedly attract a large audience. And that’s a great thing. Many people’s perceptions about sex dolls and the individuals who use them are likely to alter due to the show. It can only help to improve acceptability among the general public.

Customised Dolls Getting More Popular

Don’t get us wrong: we adore the fact that anyone can order one of our ready-to-sell dolls in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, we feel that the concept of being able to design a sex doll that is ideal in their views is very appealing to discriminating buyers. Not only will customisation remain popular, but businesses will strive to give customers even more options.

Final Thoughts!

High-quality sex dolls nowadays have practically lifelike features and are pleasant to the touch, but that’s not all: they can also moan and vary their facial emotions, and sex with them is incredible. If you start researching about sex dolls, though, you may quickly get overwhelmed by the number of various factors to consider before purchasing one.

One of the main reasons people buy sex dolls is that they may appeal to a wide range of fetishes, such as acrotomophilia or sexual attraction toward amputees, which is why not all sex dolls have legs, arms, and hands. Whether you prefer dressing up, your sexual partners in 19th-century gowns want to feel less lonely when staying in a cabin in the woods. Or you are simply really horny and can’t find someone to match your desire; hyper-realistic sex dolls will come in useful in any of those situations.

When purchasing a sex doll, be sure to verify the size of your sex doll since you’ll need to transport her and change her positions afterwards. You could easily injure yourself if she’s too heavy for you, and you should want pleasure rather than pain unless you’re into BDSM, in which case it’s still probably not the sort of agony you’re looking for.

Dolls normally weigh more than half of what a real person with the same proportions would weigh. However, this varies depending on the kind of material and the skeleton.

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