Most popular myths about penis size

Penis size is a topic that has always generated debate in modern societies. Perspectives on the penis are built on the foundations of patriarchy, defined by domination, work, social hierarchies, wars, power and order.

From ancient historical beliefs, it is the man who has the bodily potential to dominate the surrounding world. The size of the penis is a reflection of the ability to demonstrate his virility. It is reflected in social and cultural representations of the penis.

This patriarchal view is an issue that affects men’s sexuality. One thing that concerns them is the size and girth of their penis. Believe it or not, women are the most interested in this issue; there is a belief that size is essential because the length of time and ability to make them feel pleasure during sex depends on it. But does size really matter?

Some men feel so insecure that they cannot connect sexually or emotionally with their partners. One way out for them is to enter adult portals like Skokka in search of professional Melbourne escorts because of insecurities about the size of their penis. Fortunately, they discover that they can practice sexuality without fear.

What are the myths about the penis?

The length and girth of the penis is an unstoppable discussion among men and women; comparing these measurements is a common practice, which can cause complexes and insecurities. That is why there are treatments for penis enlargement and thickening when they are necessary. Among the most prevalent penis myths are the following:

1. Penis size matters

Urologist Martina Solé of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires in Argentina explained in the international scientific journal Asian Journal of Andrology that “Virility and sexual pleasure have long been associated with penis size […]”. Therefore, this physician conducted a study of penis size with 800 patients, where she showed that the penis in erection could measure 15.2 centimetres, while in flaccidity, the length is 11.4 centimetres, and the circumference is 10.1 centimetres.

Likewise, the BJU International Urology journal presented a report of the 2015 scientific study on the size (length and girth) of the penis. Several British doctors compared 17 investigations conducted on 15,500 men; they concluded that the average length of an erect penis is 13.24 centimetres and, at rest, 9.16 centimetres.

These standard measurements should not be culturally or socially defined as indicators of sexual pleasure. That is why men feel better when they go to professional escorts, since they know very well that size does not affect the sexual pleasure.

2. Penis size is related to anthropometric measures

After numerous studies, the British Journal of Urology has shown no relationship between penis size and anthropometric measurements. It means that the size of hands, feet and arms has no scientific basis regarding the size of the male reproductive organ.

To ensure the accuracy of this study, the urological researchers measured the size of each man’s penis stretched to approximate erect length. The men had different shoe sizes (from 38 to 49) and penis lengths between 6 and 18 centimetres. The study did not detect any relationship between one measurement and another. Science is moving forward to demystify this belief. It seeks to end all beliefs that do not reflect reality.

3. Penis size is different in each ethnic group

Each person has completely different physical characteristics, depending on their ethinia. For example, Asians retain similar phenotypic traits. People of African descent also have certain features that define them, just as Europeans may have similarities in their skin and height, and others.

In this case, the size of the penis is different depending on the origin of the man. 

The University of Ulster has scientifically demonstrated that Africans and Americans stand out for larger penis sizes, followed by Europeans. Asians have relatively smaller penis.

However, size does not determine the pleasure a partner may feel during sex. Trust and communication are the most helpful factors in having pleasurable sexual relations.

4. A large penis enhances sexuality

Society has sought to implement the belief that a large penis enhances women’s sexuality. However, in reality, several variables condition sexual enjoyment and pleasure that have nothing to do with penis size.

Longer and thicker penises may improve a man’s confidence and self-esteem because they feel they can better satisfy a woman. However, it has repercussions when it comes to having sex. Sexual performance affects couple relationships and when men seek the services of escorts. 

Self-confidence is essential for healthy sexual relationships, and the penis is part of the factors that impact men.But on the other hand, larger penis size is uncomfortable and painful for some women. Sometimes it is not the size that matters, but the possibility of causing pleasure in any sexual position without pain. Average-sized penises are the most comfortable for women.

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